About BCS

We are located in the Canggu area of Bali and we have over 20 years experience in construction and related services in Bali.

We are a Balinese based company that is dedicated to quality construction projects and services. We also have an Expat on our team who has experience in construction in Bali and we all work together to ensure communication between our customers and our construction team is clear so we can develop the right outcomes for you our customer.

We enjoy creating quality villas for people who wish to live in Bali. We have a strong network of people and contacts and would love to help you to make your bali dream come true.


We have teams of specialist tradesmen who are highly skilled and trained in many and various construction techniques. We take great pride in our work and ensure quality construction at all times.

We also help you de-risk your project. We provide a fully detailed quote that shows all construction costs itemised line by line. This give you visibility of how the project is costed and the materials being used in the build.

To fund the project we ask for an up front payment of 200,000,000 IDR to commence the project and then once these funds have been utilised we provide an itemised line by line breakdown of the costs to date against the original quote. This helps you track progress and provides assurance that the funds provided have been utilised on the project. Then a further payment of 200,000,000 IDR is made to fund the next stage of the project and so on.

We offer a 12 month warranty with all of our construction contracts, we do not know any other construction company that backs up their promise of quality with a warranty.

Contact us to find out more or to ask any specific questions you may have.

Architect Services

We offer in-house architectural services to support the development of your project. We love to work with our clients to develop the right design for you. We will sit down with you and discuss your needs, ideas and dreams. We will develop some design ideas and options for you to choose from and then work with you to refine your plans to ensure the design is just right for you.

We have designed many custom features into our homes, eg. outdoor bathrooms and baths, infinity pools, laundry shute, open bale, cinemas, the list goes on. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to ensure they achieve the vision they have dreamed about.

For our Architectural Fees, there are 2 stages to the process; Concept and Final Plans. We work with you on a face to face basis to develop all of our plans to ensure there are no miscommunication and that our concepts and final plans meet your requirements.

Concept: A fee of 10,000,000 IDR is charged to undertake your initial design, drawings and schematics. We work with you to understand your land and your construction requirements and develop two conceptual designs. The intent is to provide you with a base plan that you wish to progress to a construction quote. This process usually allows us to undertake two iterations on your preferred concept to get a design you are comfortable with.

Final Plans: Once you have a concept plan and have identified a contractor, we will work with your contractor to enable them to provide the quote for you. To finalise your design we will also work with you to finalise plumbing, electrical, window, door and cooling designs. this final design process allows for 2 additional sets of drawings (changes) which will allow for final quote with your contractor. Our services will continue with you and your contractor to provide plans to enable permits to be obtained and your building project to commence. The fee for Final Plans is a 3% of the total construction cost (less the 10,000,000 IDR paid for the concept plans).

Project Management

We have managed many projects to ensure the build is of the right quality and meets our exacting standards. We primarily are engaged by expats to manage their construction project whilst they are still living abroad. Often we work with expats who are still living overseas and need someone to ensure their Bali project is well managed.

When engaged we act on the owners behalf (i.e. we are your representative on the project) and instruct and work with your contractor to ensure the project progresses as planned.

We liaise with you frequently and keep you informed of any decisions you need to provide and help you to make the right decisions for your project (note: building products, the materials used and some building techniques used in Bali can be different to that used in Australian or European climates).

When project managing a project we are onsite at the project multiple times each week and provide weekly updates on progress (including pictures and videos) via What’sApp. We ensure the build undertaken using the correct materials and the workmanship is carried out at the highest standard. We will also manage any dialogue or decisions required by the contractor with you over email and/or What’s App to ensure timely action is taken and your ongoing requirements are met.

Our Project Management fee is based on a % of the construction cost (usually 10% depending upon location of the project) and is spread over monthly payments across the forecast duration of the build.

In addition to the above we also have access to an expat (Peter) who is experienced with multiple construction projects in Bali. Peter will assist, where necessary, with the communication between our clients and the Project Manager to ensure client expectations are understood and managed accordingly. There is no additional fees for Peter’s time / services.


We are experienced in obtaining the necessary approvals and permits for your construction project. Project’s usually require a Rumah Tinggal (normal housing permit) or a Pondok Wisata (allow rental of small number of rooms) permits.

The process to obtain a permit is lengthy (usually between 6-9 months) and quite complicated to arrange. We are experienced in the process and have all the right contacts to negotiate the process efficiently on your behalf. We highly recommend engaging us (or another reputable agent) to arrange your construction permits as this will avoid delays and unnecessary costs.

The cost of obtaining the permit(s) is paid for by the owner including government, environment, survey and ‘contribution’ costs. In addition to the direct costs, to obtain the permit through the appropriate channels we charge a fee of 8,000,000 IDR to obtain a Rumah Tinggal permit and 12,000,000 to obtain a Pondok Wisata permit.

Other Professional Services

We also have other contacts for other professional services to support expats undertaking construction in Bali as follows:

  • Building Supplies

  • Notaris / Notary

  • Solicitor

  • Taxation Consultant

  • Insurance Consultant

  • Cabinet Makers (Kitchen, Laundry, Robes etc)

  • Pest control

  • Landscaping

  • VISA services and extensions